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SWA organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, and networking events to facilitate knowledge exchange, promote best practices, and address challenges in the water industry.
Members receive regular updates through newsletters, and information about events and initiatives is also shared on the SWA website and social media platforms.
Interested individuals or organizations can visit the SWA website and follow the membership application process outlined there.
Yes, SWA actively seeks collaborations with international water organizations to leverage global expertise and contribute to the advancement of water-related technologies and practices.

General Inquiries

SWA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable water management practices and fostering collaboration within the water industry in Singapore.
SWA welcomes individuals, organizations, and businesses involved in the water sector, including professionals, researchers, and policymakers.
SWA actively engages in initiatives that promote water conservation, efficiency, and the adoption of sustainable technologies to address water challenges in Singapore.
Yes, SWA supports educational programs and research initiatives related to water management, aiming to enhance the industry's knowledge base and cultivate future leaders.
SWA engages with policymakers, providing insights, recommendations, and expertise to support the development of effective and sustainable water policies in Singapore.